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"World of Lana Lang" is an unofficial fan site dedicated to DC comics character Lana Lang. This website explores all facets of her character, from her first appearance in the 'Superboy' and 'Superman' comics to her latest incarnation in the upcoming film Man Of Steel. Our mission is to support, promote, and provide everything and anything related to this fascinating character and the actresses who have portrayed her. So, look around, have fun, and enjoy your visit here in "Lana's World"!

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Beauty and the Beast

Kristin Kreuk 'I Am That Girl' Book Signing in New York Photos


Latest images added to our Gallery!


Kristin Kreuk attending Alexis Jones' book signing of "I Am That Girl" in New York on February 4, 2014.

blog i am that girl book signing

Image Credit: missalexisjones Instagram


From: JustJaredJr

"Kristin Kreuk poses at her pal Alexis Jones' "I AM THAT GIRL: How to Speak Your Truth, Discover Your Purpose and #BETHATGIRL" book launch on Tuesday (February 4) at a Claire's store in New York City. The 31-year-old Beauty & the Beast star signed books for fans and gave out specially-designed bracelets to help promote the inspirational book for girls, which is available now at Claire's."

From: @MsKristinKreuk

blog i am that girl book signing 02


To view images click here

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'Beauty and the Beast' Executive Producer Brad Kern Interviews


'Beauty and the Beast' season 2 Executive Producer Brad Kern will be back at the helm for the show's third season while Sherri Cooper and Jennifer Levin (season 1 EPs) are being credited as 'consultants'. Interesting. In honor of this bit of 'EP' news, here's a collection of several of Kern's interviews expressing his vision for the show's second season and beyond...

blog bb promo 05

From: Zap2it  [November 25, 2013]

"...[Brad Kern] revealed that Cat shooting Vincent was the "northern light" for the first eight episodes of the season and will fundamentally change their relationship going forward. "It's huge. We try to make a very big point in this episode that she's tying the relationship into his decision," Kern says. "As a poker player, Catherine was all in saving Vincent, coming at a pretty big expense to her. The question she's had to ask herself over the course of these eight episodes is, 'How much do you keep trying before you're sacrificing too much of yourself?' Shooting him really is his choice as far as we're concerned. How it will affect them is fundamental. His inner battle was, 'Am I man or beast?' and he's chosen to go beast. We'll explore that for a while and we'll explore how Cat and Vincent deal with each other after she shoots him..." To read the complete interview CLICK HERE


From: TVGuide  [November 25, 2013]

"Kern: You can't put two people together and keep them together because there are no legs to a series if you do that. So, the challenge was, "How do we build a show that might last five years?" To really reward the epic romance. [you have to] challenge that relationship ... and you have to overcome obstacles to test the relationship to see if it really is worthy of being together. [They have] an epic love and they're meant to be together, but [we're] asking our audience to go along with us for the ride to explore what happens when a relationship comes together too fast. Separating them for all these very emotional, practical and moral reasons will help them learn more about who they are separately, and the plan is to make them stronger as individuals and to ultimately find their way back to each other stronger than ever..." To read the complete interview CLICK HERE


From: KsiteTV  [January 16, 2014]

"...With "Who Am I" being a theme for Season 2, might Kern and the show's writers have a plan for Season 3 if there should be one? "I have the question to ask, which is 'Who Are We?' Because if Season 2 was all about 'Who Am I' as far as separate individuals finding themselves separately and coming back together again: Look, it's no big spoiler that Vincent and Cat get back together again. It's called Beauty and the Beast. But the point was to take them apart to bring them back together again to make them stronger, separately as well as a couple. Therefore, Season 3 now becomes 'Who Are We'," he declared...." To read the complete interview CLICK HERE


From: TVLine  [January 17, 2014]

"FOUR'S A CROWD | Of course, "shared destiny" or not, Vincent and Catherine are far from alone in taking this journey. Cat, for one, has ADA Gabe helping her lick her personal and professional wounds. Don‚Äôt Die on Me"Like Vincent having to explore his beast side, Cat has to explore this 'Mr. Right' who understands what she's gone through, because he used to be a beast. She'd be stupid not to, especially after what a jerk Vincent was to her." (Will this would-be couple kiss? "You'll have to wait and see," Levin hedges.) Vincent meanwhile has fellow beast Tori at his side — for now. "As he explores the season-long question of 'Who am I?,' he's got a woman who can connect to him in a way that Cat never can," Kern notes. Just don't count on Tori staying around through to the season finale. "That's not a season-long arc," Kern makes clear..." To read the complete interview CLICK HERE


From: TVGuide   [January 19, 2014]

"Brad Kern: The design of this part of the season is for Cat and Vincent to grow as individuals. They came together so fast for kismet, epic reasons, but that's not a long-term relationship. You have to figure out who you are separately which is painful, but also comedic and adventurous. You got the perfect guy (Gabe) right there who's handsome, rich, working hard to make his amends, trying to be protective of her. It's hard for a woman who's been dealing with a beast who's made some really bad choices not to look over at the perfect guy that every mother would want their daughter to marry and give him a second look. It would be inauthentic if we didn't play that. Does that mean that it's at the ultimate expense of Vin and Cat? Well the show is called Beauty and the Beast so we'll end up supporting that..." To read the complete interview CLICK HERE

Gabe "perfect"?! Should have learned from Krisitn Kreuk's old show (Smallville), its NEVER a good idea to have your heroine hook up with the 'Villain' of the story (reformed or not). There is a risk of character assasination...the audience never forgets ;)

I'll be honest, 'Beauty and the Beast' second season has been a bit of a 'hit and miss' for me...so far (The season is not over, there are still six remaining episodes left to air). Let's hope the show overcomes what some media outlets have named its 'sophmore slump' and get their creative juices flowing once more for an exciting third season! Yay!

'Beauty and the Beast' returns June 2nd 9/8c on The CW!


Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan 'People's Choice Awards' 2013 Videos


Some great Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan video clips attending the "39th Annual People's Choice Awards" at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA [January 9, 2013]!


Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan at Peoples Choice Awards 2013

YouTube Link [Credit: SuperPopACCESS Channel]


Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan at Peoples Choice Awards 2013 #2

YouTube Link [Credit: SuperPopACCESS Channel]


Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan at Peoples Choice Awards 2014 #3

YouTube Link [Credit: SuperPopACCESS Channel]


Great Clips! Love those smiles.

To view 'People's Choice Awards' 2013 images click here


'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed!


'Beauty and the Beast' Renewed for Season 3! Yay!


bb promo 03

From: HollywoodReporter

"The CW has unveiled its lineup for the 2014-15 season, renewing Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie and freshman The 100 and picking up to series its Arrow spinoff The Flash, Rob Thomas' iZombie, Jane the Virgin and The Messengers...As for the returning dramas, the second season of Beauty and the Beast, starring Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk,has carved out a dedicated legion of viewers, averaging a 0.3 among adults under 50 -- on par with The Carrie Diaries -- and rising 67 percent when factoring in DVR. From Warner Bros. Television, the series was benched for a summer return after ceding its home on Mondays to freshman The Tomorrow People, which was moved to the slot to make space for rookie midseason entry The 100. Sources tell THR that the series, which is a solid international performer, will likely return for a short 13-episode order."

To read the complete write-up: CLICK HERE


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'Beauty and the Beast' Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan 'Hottest TV Stars of 2013'


Continuing with our 'Sexy' posts, 'Beauty & The Beast' stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan win 'Hottest TV Stars of 2013' in HollywoodLife poll! Yay! I don't know how I missed this! Congrats to Kristin, Jay, and all of the awesome Beasties who voted!


batb promo still season2 02

From: HollywoodLife

"We asked you to pick the hottest TV guy and girl of 2013, and after hundreds of thousands of votes, this CW duo reigns supreme! No 'beasts' here! Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk are simply beauties in the eyes of HollywoodLife.com readers, who voted the Beauty & The Beast stars as the hottest individual TV guy and girl of 2013.

But honestly, are you really surprised Jay and Kristin received the most love? Their on-screen lovers — Vincent Cassel and Catherine Chandler — have had their fans captivated since the series premiered in Oct. 2012. And as things get more complicated, and more beastly, for the couple in 2014, they'll need to hold onto each other more than ever."

To read the compete write-up: CLICK HERE


This is not the first time fans have voted Kristin & Jay to victory. In Sept. 2013, their characters Catherine&Vincent were voted the TV couple they were most excited to see in the new TV season!


BuddyTV's '100 Sexiest Women of 2013': Kristin Kreuk


Kristin Kreuk #2 in 'BuddyTV's' "100 Sexiest Women of 2013 list:


blog kristin kreuk 03

#2 Kristin Kreuk, Beauty and the Beast as Catherine Chandler


To see who else made the list: CLICK HERE

Kristin Kreuk was #1 in BuddyTV's "TV's 100 Sexiest Women of 2012"

To check-out Kristin Kreuk's other 'sexy' appearances - CLICK HERE

*Scroll down to 'Aknowledgements'

Kristin's co-star Jay Ryan, ranked #19 in BuddyTV's "TV's 100 Sexiest Men of 2013" (Jay was #17 last year: here)


Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan 'Beauty and the Beast' Portugal Video Promo


A couple of great Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan 'TVSeries' Portugal video promos for 'Beauty and the Beast'! They were made during the "CBS Studios International Press Junket" held in Los Angeles on November 2, 2013.


A Bela e o Monstro no TVSéries - Kristin Kreuk

YouTube Link  [Credit: TVCineSeries Channel]


A Bela e o Monstro no TVSéries - Jay Ryan

YouTube Link  [Credit: TVCineSeries Channel]


Nice! "Eles são lindos!!!" ;)

For more videos- 'BATB Video Index': CLICK HERE

To see 'CBS Studios International Press Junket' Kristin Kreuk & Jay Ryan Pics: CLICK HERE


'Real Style' Kristin Kreuk Interview [Winter 2014] 'Christmas Traditions'


A festive Kristin Kreuk interview from 'Real Style Magazine' (Winter 2014) revealing some sweet family holiday traditions.

bb kk real style magazine winter 2014

From: Real Style Network

"On holiday traditions:

We always did a Christmas tree, decorated it and did the Santa Claus thing. My favourite part about that time of year was that we didn't have to go to school and that was amazing. We always had a nice Christmas dinner, which I liked, and it always included my favourite foods. I don't eat turkey anymore, but back then I ate turkey and it was so yummy. Our holidays were very mellow with a lot of book reading and listening to music and hanging out.

Favourite part about the holidays:

I always get together with my family and spend the time with them. My birthday is during that time as well. It is a family time, but it also feels like a time of introspection. It's cold and you aren't going outside a whole lot, so it's a time to go inside and reflect upon this past year." ~ Kristin Kreuk (Real Style - Winter 2014)

To read the complete 'Real Style' interview: CLICK HERE

To see magazine page: CLICK HERE

For more Kristin Kreuk - BATB articles: HERE Smallville articles: HERE


'Beauty and the Beast' TV Trailer, Extended Promo, & Sneak Peeks for 'Ancestors'


An all new episode of 'Beauty and the Beast' airs TONIGHT and it promises to be a doozy! Just take a look at the TV Trailer, extended promo, and sneak peek for tonight's episode titled, "Ancestors"! Wow, looks like sexy, bad ass, black leather jacket wearing, Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) is back! It also, looks like the green-eyed monster will be making a guest appearance ready to wreak some havoc on our fav couple. Yup, emotions will be running high for both 'VinCat' and Beasties in this one. Based on the sneak peeks, Cat is desperately 'trying' to move on. What she needs is a 'no man' vacation. She should call Heather up, book a flight to Miami, and hang out by the beach with a couple of cocktails by her side ASAP!

A lot of awesome guest stars in 'Ancestors'... Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle), Ian Bohen (Teen Wolf), Rob C. Mayes (The Client List) Should be FUN!


'Ancestors' TV Spot Trailer

YouTube Link  [Credit: RickeyTVX Channel]


'Ancestors' Extended Promo Trailer

YouTube Link  [Credit: The CW Television Network Channel]


'Ancestors' Exclusive Episode Clip From 'TVLine'

bb ancestors 01

Click to View

From: TVLine

"Beauty and the Beast's Catherine this week is courted to help the FBI with a high-risk sting — could Vincent's "coming out" affect her decision? In the episode "Ancestors" (airing tonight at 9/8c), Law & Order alum/American Hustle co-star Elisabeth Rohm kicks off a recurring run as Dana Landon, an FBI agent who invites Cat to pose as a thief, to thwart an imminent heist. Vincent, meanwhile, has gone public with... well, his being alive and all... and in fact is set to tell his story on The Talk."

To read the complete write-up & see video: CLICK HERE


'Ancestors' Exclusive Episode Clip From TheTVAddict

bb ancestors 02

Click to View

From: TheTVAddict

Just in case BEAUTY AND THE BEAST fans weren't excited enough for Monday's episode, theTVaddict.com wanted to add a little fuel to the fire courtesy of a shocking videotease that our good friends at The CW were kind enough to pass along. See for yourself..."

To read the complete write-up: CLICK HERE


All new 'Beauty and the Beast' TONIGHT at 9/8c on The CW!


Here are some 'sweet tweets' from tonights' guest stars to Kristin Kreuk:

bb ancestors ianbohen tweet nov 22 2013


bb ancestors robcmayes tweet nov 23 2013


'Beauty and the Beast': The CW 2014 Midseason Schedule


The CW announced their 2014 midseason schedule revealing 'Beauty and the Beast' will be taking a short hiatus after March 10th. What does this mean for the show's chances of renewal? Well, it seems its all still up in the air. During last week's TCA presentation, CW president Mark Pedowitz stated 'Beauty and the Beast' will return sometime in May to finish out its current season and that no decision had been made about the show's future yet. Let's cross our fingers and toes that things start to turn around quickly for the show and those live U.S. rating numbers start going up, up, and up!

episodes heart of darkness

From The CW's Press Release:

"In February, the futuristic story of an alien/human romance begins with the premiere of STAR-CROSSED on Monday, February 17 (8:00-9:00pm ET), leading into another epic romance, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. In March, the human race returns to planet Earth in the post-apocalyptic adventure drama, THE 100, which will premiere on Wednesday, March 19 (9:00-10:00pm ET), following hit drama ARROW. THE TOMORROW PEOPLE will transport to its new night and time on Mondays (9:00-10:00pm ET), beginning March 17, following STAR-CROSSED. After the March 10th telecast, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will go on hiatus and will return to the schedule with original episodes at a date to be announced."


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-CW adds two dramas to its midseason schedule - USAToday


Online Newsmedia Articles for 'The CW TCA Presentation'

-TCA Press Tour Report: The CW - KsiteTV

-'Beauty and the Beast' to Return in May, No Decision Made on Series' Fate - TVbyTheNumbers

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